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VASCAM Songwriting Workshop

When: July 10 – 15, 2017

Participants: 14 year-old and up. No prior knowledge of music required. 

Lessons: Monday-Thursday: 7:30 – 9:30PM. Viễn Đông Daily News. 14891 Moran St. Westminster.

Rehearsal: Friday.

Recital & Reception: Saturday @ 7:30PM. 

Recital: Performed by pianist Bằng-Lăng Đỗ & soprano Bích Vân.

Where to register: Viễn Đông Daily News.

First date of registration: Saturday, June 17 @ 1PM.

Number of participants: 10. First come first serve. 5 waiting list.

Fees: $400 at time of registration; a refund of $200 to participants who observe all rules of the workshop.

Goals & Outcomes 

Goal 1: The workshop aims to teach basic art-song writing techniques to all who are interested in song-writing. No prior knowledge of music required.

Goal 2: The workshop makes sure that at the end of four days participants will be able to produce one song.    

Outcome 1: Participants will have a chance to hear his/her song performed professionally in a recital. 

Outcome 2: Participants are allowed to have a recording of his/her song for personal use. Commercial use of the performance’s recording is subject to legal consequences.

Rules & Guidelines

Rules: No late arrival and no early departure during four sessions. Those who violate this simple rule can continue the workshop but will not receive the refund of $200. And they lose the right to ask for teaching materials that they have missed.   

Text for song: Vietnamese, English, or French. Participants are encouraged to submit his/her texts on the first day of the workshop (4 short texts max each person). The workshop will also provide suggestive texts to participants. All texts must not be related to politics or religion; except ones derived from standard liturgical and sutra sources.

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