To cultivate, nurture, and promote contemporary Vietnamese American creativity.

Who We Are

The Vietnamese American Society for Creative Arts and Music (VASCAM) is a not-for-profit organization. The specific purpose of this Society is to cultivate, nurture and promote creative arts and music by Vietnamese Americans and Vietnamese overseas, with an extension to those who are interested in cross-cultural matters between Vietnam and the US. We provide a platform and venue for these artists to express their voices. VASCAM’s main angle is on humanistic expression. The Society aims to create awareness of creative arts and music both within and outside the Vietnamese American communities. It is completely non-political and non-religious based.


The Society organizes, sponsors, and supports activities which are related to the purpose of the Society. It also extends to help and work with organizations which share a similar vision. The Society provides a platform for creative artists from the past, current, and future generations to share their art works both within and outside of the Vietnamese American communities.

Founding Members

  • P.Q. Phan President
  • Trường Hoàng Executive Director
  • Kim D. Nguyễn Executive Secretary
  • Anvi Hoàng Treasurer, Chief of Operations
  • Nhuận Nguyễn Director of Media Relations


Affiliated Members

  • Bảo Thi Nguyễn Principle Guest Artist (violin)
  • Cơ Nguyễn Principle Conductor
  • Chương Vũ Concertmaster